Anti Ragging Committee
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Anti Ragging Zone

Ragging in any form is prohibited at Dnyansagar Institute of Management. DIMR has ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY towards ragging. It is a punishable offence as per the guidelines of Honorable Supreme Court of India, guidelines of AICTE Notification File No.37-3 / Legal / AICTE/2009, Dated – 1.7.2009 and Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999.

  • Ragging is a violation of human rights and it’s a crime.
  • Respect humanity and say no to ragging.
  • Ragging is neither means of familiarization nor an introduction with fresher.
  • But is a form of psychopathic behavior. Be proud of ragging free campus.

(Ref: Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Technical Institution)

1 Prof. Dr. Sajid Alvi (Director – DIMR) Chairman 7767800411
2 Ms.Nilima Pawar (Representative-Police Administration) Member
3 Mr.G. D. Inamdar (Representative – Civil Administration) Member
4 Mr. Nadeem Inamdar (Representative – Media) Member
5 Ms.Vaishali Patkar (Representative – NGO) Member 9823235331
6 Prof. Manisha Jagtap (Representative – Faculty) Member 7767800402
7 Prof. Sameer Patil (Representative – Faculty) Member 7767800406
8 Prof. Shruti Navandar (Representative – Faculty) Member 7767800409
9 Prof. Mayuri Jain Representation -Teaching Staff Member
10 Mr. Vishnu Laggad Representative-Students Member 8007985054
11 Ms. Bhagyashri Bhalerao Representative-Students Member 9923704976
12 Mr. Uday Bute Representative-Non-teaching staff Member 7709162997
13 Mr. Akbar Sayyad Representative-Non-teaching staff Member 9730840584

Anti Ragging Zone

1 Prof. Sameer Patil Member 7767800406
2 Mr. Vishnu Laggad Member 8007985054
3 Ms. Bhagyashri Bhalerao Member 9923704976
4 Mr. Uday Bute Member 7709162997
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