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About Dasnurkar Associates

Dasnurkar Associates is a well established architecture and design firm based out of Pune, India. We offer end-to-end solutions from planning, designing, liaising to executing building constructions.

In the year 1986, Ar. Shirish Dasnurkar incepted Dasnurkar Associates with a dream of elevating the cityscape of Pune. Setting its foot in the competitive architecture industry, it marked the beginning of an era of sophisticated designs and distinguished architecture. Striking a symphony of class, sustainability, and innovation we have crafted numerous iconic projects in and around Maharashtra. With finesse and the skill of visualising architecture in extravagant forms, we add a poetic dimension to each of our projects.

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Pune.

Master of Urban Design, Newcastle University, UK. Bachelor of Architecture, University of Pune.


Dasnurkar Architects prioritizes a meticulous design process, leveraging proven methodologies to maximize creative potential and deliver exceptional results. Our team is dedicated to pushing boundaries and refining techniques to ensure every project surpasses expectations. With a focus on rigorous analysis and strategic planning, we optimize every aspect of our approach for success. As leaders in architecture and design, we have a proven track record of delivering outstanding outcomes across residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

Architectural Design & Planning
Dasnurkar Associates maintains a solid reputation for delivering exceptional architectural planning services to real estate developers, government agencies, research institutes, universities, and industries, to name a few.
Liaising Services
Having been in the industry for almost three decades, we have managed to forge strong relationships with Government and Town Planning agencies, and developed an in-depth understanding of how things work when it comes to liaising practices.
Site Selection
Sensitive designers and owners understand that the site and the structures constructed on it, are one.
Property Valuation
Dasnurkar Associates has a well-trained, Government-registered valuation team. We provide valuation services for commercial as well as residential properties.

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Creating Timeless Structures with Vision

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