Master of Urban Design, Newcastle University, UK. Bachelor of Architecture, University of Pune.

As the world of architecture transitions into the future, Dasnurkar Associates drives forward with Ar. Rohit Dasnurkar assuming greater responsibility. He has a graduate degree from the University of Pune, and a Master’s degree in Urban Design from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. He possesses a keen interest in urban planning and metropolitan design which is clearly reflected in his work. His experience in working with the Copenhagen City Council and the South Shields City Council for the regeneration of the Quayside, along with other projects in the UK has helped him gain international exposure and a perspective on global architecture. He now plays an active role in providing high level strategy and guiding our planning and designing team. Rohit has a deep understanding of the trends and latest developments in the field of architecture, and has an extensive knowledge of planning processes, which means he is involved on a daily basis with local authorities, developers and high-end agencies, giving clients invaluable early stage advice. He has worked on many groundbreaking projects which have been lauded by many industry experts and our clients.


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