Bachelor of Architecture, University of Pune.

A graduate of BKPS College of Architecture, Ar. Shirish Dasnurkar established his own practice in 1986. He brings valuable experience and expertise to every project by understanding the clients' perspective and coming up with well-thought out design strategies. Putting his heart and soul into every project, he has been a true leader, guiding the team all throughout the journey of three decades. He has a diverse experience of working on numerous residential, governmental, industrial, and institutional projects in various parts of the world. He extends his love for design and architecture beyond business assignments, by teaching young aspiring architects. Along with this, Shirish is also a passionate artist and has numerous critically acclaimed paintings to his credit and has even hosted two exhibitions in the recent past. A well-read man, Shirish is passionate about literature and travelling. In this pursuit, he has travelled to numerous countries for business and leisure and continues to do so today. He is also actively involved in social work and financially supports NGOs to help them carry on with their philanthropic activities.

Project Management
Berlin 2022
Tokio 2021
Paris 2020

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