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Welcome to Insotherm Window Hardware Private Limited, where our ethos of “Exceeding Possibilities” drives our relentless pursuit of innovation and quality in window hardware solutions.

What We Offer

Nafmo Domestic Friction Stay Hinges

Nafmo Universal Friction Stay Hinges

Nafmo Commercial Friction Stay hinges

Nafmo Restrictor

Solutions for places that matter

Residential and Commercial Construction

Architectural Projects

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Hospitality and Leisure

Healthcare Facilities


What our clients say about us

Deepak Jain Building Manager

Insotherm's window hinges are sturdy and reliable, perfect for our commercial buildings.

Ananya Gupta Developer

As a developer, I appreciate Insotherm's commitment to quality and their ability to deliver on time, every time.

Karthik Reddy Facilities Director

Impressed with the precision of Insotherm's window stays. They have significantly improved the functionality of our office spaces.

Sanjay Kumar Factory Owner

Insotherm's restrictor arms have made our factory floors safer and more secure.

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Customer Care

Help is on the way! Our dedicated Customer Care team is here to assist you with any needs or concerns.