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Parbhani district geographically lies at centre of Maharashtra State. This region was ruled by Nizam rulers for many centuries until Hyderabad police action by Iron man of India. During Nizam Shahi, this region was famous as Pathri tehsil. Dudhgaonkar, Borade and Goregaonkar are three legendary families who took care of villages in the region, especially during Raza-Kari.

In Jintur tehsil, Shri. Dnyanoba Patil Dudhgaonkar (Shindeshahi Raut) was a great leader as well as a spiritual person. He used to participate in now-world-famous Pandharpur waari (pilgrimage). The Pandharpur pilgrimage of those days didn’t have many facilities. On one of such pilgrimage, Shri. Dnyanoba Patil lost his earthly life.

During such sad times for the family, Tanu bai Parve Raut took care of everyone properly and built legacy for family. Tanu bai used to look after affairs of villages, when needed firmly dealt with Razakars. Her only son Shri. Nagorao Dudhgaonkar passed away in 1950, due to illness. Shri. Nagorao was treated at Jalna hospital during his final days.

Dudhgaonkar family has many such special things to its credit. This family is considered a fantastic values-based success story…!!

Pandharpur waari (pilgrimage) is considered largest cultural and religious festival of Maharashtra. In this waari, many processions of legendary saints reach Pandharpur for आषाढ़ी कार्तिकी. In this waari, for Dudhikar दिंडी procession number 23, Dudhgaonkar family is entrusted with a special blessing. Dudhgaonkar family is privileged to have the honour of Abhishek (consecration) of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Paduka at Velapur, near Pandharpur.

One of the golden moments for Dudhgaonkar family…

Dudhgaonkar family has contributed not only for Parbhani district’s progress but also for entire Marathwada and Maharashtra.

For example, even today Late Limbajirao Dudhgaonkar’s name is taken with respect, “In Parbhani’s history, no other person has operated district central cooperative bank PDCC bank like Limbajirao did.” PDCC till date has jurisdiction covering both Parbhani and Hingoli districts. Maharashtra’s famous former minister and MP Shri Ganeshrao Dudhgaonkar can easily be called as a rare non-corrupt politician in state’s politics.

Blessed Hindu!!

These all possibly were important factors that on the humble invitation of Adv. Shri. Ganeshrao Nagorao Dudhgaonkar, Sri Kshetra Jagannathpuri Peethadhishwar Pujyapad Jadguru Shankaracharya Swami Nischhalanand Saraswati Ji came to Parbhani after many decades gap.

This is a rare blessing & privilege for a Hindu!!

One can easily see the special achievements of Dudhgaonkar family by reading this Homepage section.

In the next generation of this Dudhgaonkar family, USA-educated Samir Ganeshrao Dudhgaonkar is serving the Parbhani district. Samir has made everyone proud by becoming the leader of Maharashtra state’s Apex Chamber of commerce. Samir has created his own identity by his social and political work in the whole Parbhani district.

Samir is well-known as God-Focused Karma-Yogi, because he started studying Shrimad-Bhagavad-Gita while he pursued master’s in mechanical engineering in USA, back in July 2002 only. This was much before spirituality became the “in-thing” after Shri. Narendra Modi stormed into power in 2014 general elections of India. Samir, The Thought-leader acted on his inner voice about connecting with Almighty God in July 2002 itself. Samir regularly addresses crowds about basic teachings of Shrimad-Bhagavat-Gita.